Monthly Archives: November 2017

Family Photo Session – 6 Months Old

Do ya' think we had fun?!  This little Mr. turned 6 months.  Can you tell we celebrated his developing happy personality?  By the way... guess where he got it from?  His parents are a blast to be around.  They are willing to try just about whatever I direct them to.  It's a unique experience being a photographer being around his Dad.  You see... whenever I say something like turn the left side of this down or take one step towards the right, Dimitrius asks me if I mean camera left or camera right.  It's the life of an actor that he lives.  Seriously!
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Senior High School Portraits, Austin, Texas

When I woke up yesterday, the weather was looking bleak for my high school senior session. It was lightly misting as I pulled out of the driveway. For a couple of seconds I thought about cancelling it, but decided to follow through and see what the weather had in store for us. I'm happy I didn't cancel it. I'm so excited about the time I spent with this amazing young woman that I just had to give her a sneak preview. Enjoy!
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