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Newborn & Baby Photography Austin, Texas

When it's ok to not catch a smile but instead capture a sweet baby girl adoring her Mommy!  Of course this was taken right before she broke out in tears!-
"What the heck am I doing in this thing Mommy?!"

Oh... make sure to notice those cute lil' toes!!!

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Austin, Texas Newborn Photography

What a cutie pie! Now I know why it's best to photograph a newborn when they are new! When you are 2 months old, the world is a whole new exciting experience than when you are first born. It was an adventure coaxing little miss beach babe to sleep when there are so many things to explore with her eyes! I was able to capture some fun images for her to grow up with and giggle!
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Austin Tx. Newborn Portrait –

Newborn Photography is so rewarding!  It's hard work though! I had been dreaming of this image of a sweet baby girl reflection while sleeping on my Mom's antique mirror. The first time we tried it, baby girl wanted nothing to do with it. Oh how I tried...  It's a good thing Mom and I hit it off right off the bat.  She knew how patiently I worked to coax baby girl to sleep on the mirror...........
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