Events & Wedding

I’m an Austin, Texas and surrounding area photographer who believes that love is powerful and magical! Telling the story of a couple who are in love through photographs is a blessing! Getting engaged is exciting as the door is truly opening to your life together. Some people like to have a planned engagement session with the details outlined, while others like to have the “surprise ask” photographs. These days, there is so much creative energy that goes into the “ask”. Are you a couple planning their engagement session, or the future fiance coordinating the surprise photo session? Let’s talk about how we can collaborate to make your visions a reality.


As your amazing life-long dream of your wedding day with the love of your life becomes a reality, planning your wedding together is exciting! It’s a pleasure for me to work with couples throughout their planning of their unique day.


I love to photograph the traditional classic looks for those images that will be passed down for generations. To tell the story of your day, I also like to capture those unexpected precious moments such as Grandpa and granddaughter whispering to each other in the corner.  I embrace meeting with a bride and groom to feel their excitement and plan how my team and I can create legacy images and collections that represent their fantasy day as it unfolds. Nothing makes me happier than witnessing and capturing a bride and groom express their love for one another through engagements and marriage.


Being prepared for the unexpected is top priority for me. I carry extra gear to cover for those unexpected challenges of equipment failure. I realize the importance of my equipment, my team and our abilities to provide heirloom photographs that will be cherished for generations.


Event Photography is similar to Wedding Photography as it requires attention towards the “must have” images, as well as the ability to tell a story that conveys the experience of the event.