Families & Children

I am an Austin, Texas and surrounding areas photographer who knows that Family Portraits are important!  When I photograph a Family Portrait Session, I feel inspired and purposeful. My family has gone through the loss of loved ones.  I am grateful for the images that I have of my Mom and others as reminders of her and our times together. When you are gone, what will your children find to remember you by? Each of our days are hectic and busy! There are no guarantees for our futures. It’s important to make time to capture our loved ones photographically to remind us of certain times during our journey of life.


Recently I was honored by the opportunity of a Portrait Session for a four-generation family. Watching the synchronicity between family members can be inspirational and amusing! During my clients “View & Choose” session, their favorite images were chosen for print. The day their package of photographs arrived from my lab, I contacted my client. I was told the matriarch passed away that morning. My heart was heavy for them. My heart was also full as I knew those photographs of all of them together on that happy day will live on for many generations.


Invest in your family by creating memorable professional portraits. Capture your children as they grow and change. Anyone can take a snapshot. For legacy photographs that speak to generations, you can count on my training, experience, and creativity. I will lead you through that flatter individual body types.  I utilize 20+ years of knowledge to accent the best in you and your loved ones for those amazing memorable shots. I love working with families to create new artwork for their home where the subject of your artwork is your loved ones!