Importance of printing

Thank you for considering Debra Ellsworth Photography to embrace this time-period in your life, and the lives of your loved ones!  I am a digital artist who is passionate about creating a footprint of lives through photographs.  When my Mom passed away at a young age, my siblings and I were so grateful for each and every image that my Mom had printed and left for us.  Not only do we embrace having the photographs, but my Moms’ grandchildren and great grandchildren are also benefitting from them. Photographs allow for reflection to past times of our lives and create an opportunity for stories and memories to be shared.


When I started my business, I was what photographers call a “Shoot & Burn” photographer – meaning I did the shoot and then I provided digital images for my clients.  Through my experiences from my clients, as well as from other photographers, it came to my awareness that people were not printing their images.  My heart was broken.  I put so much love, creative energy and skill into each and every image only to find out that people were not viewing them and they sat on a computer or thumbnail drive.  Besides the risk of loss from technical issues, what will your children find when you are gone?  From these realizations, I decided my focus is to provide you with artwork for your home where the subject of your artwork is Youand Your loved ones.  I want to encourage you to print your images so you and others can enjoy them.  In addition, we never know when technology will fail us.