I am an Austin, Texas and surrounding areas photographer who believes you should convey your “best self” through your Headshot in your online media. These days anyone can look you up on electronic media before they even meet you. To some of us, the image that people see on LinkedIn is important. To others, they want just the right images for their dating profile. Others value their Facebook, Instagram, Corporate website, or other social media profile photo.


Are you interested in “Headshots” created in a studio, an outdoor ambient light type of image, or more of a lifestyle type of image to represent you? Let’s talk about how you want to use your Portrait. We will discuss clothing, location and the look you want that represents your best self. You want an image that will make a statement about you. You want your photograph to reach out to the appropriate viewer and open the door to you. Your goal may be to help secure that interview, inspire trust in your credentials, or be an invitation for someone to get to know you better. You want your photographs to make you feel attractive, self-assured and proud of who you are. I specialize in working with all body types as I work with lighting and posting to capture your best angles. Give me a call and start the conversation that will get you closer to the look that you want to represent who you are.