What to wear

What to Wear Recommendations:

Eliminate Distractions!

In general, I prefer darker colors and long sleeves. This helps in a number of ways. First, we want the attention to be on your face, and the long sleeves help eliminate body distractions created by bear arms.

When viewing a photograph, your eye goes to the darkest part of a “light” image and the lightest part of a “dark” image.

If we take photographs outdoors and you are wearing light colored clothing, the eye will generally go to the clothing before it goes to the face. The light clothing then competes for that attention!

If you wear darker clothing with short sleeve or sleeveless garments, the bear arms compete for attention. Realize too, that if five people are in the image, there are five faces but ten arms!


Color Counts! 

Good color choices would be navy, greens, browns, reds, black, and darker blues. Denim is great! Avoid pastels, pinks, yellows, and other pale colors.

I know that “all white” is a popular choice and can be lovely, but it can also pick up pesky unwanted colors.  It can also blow out the highlights and prevent good skin tones.


Solid Suggestions! 

For most portraits, solid colors are appropriate. This is not to say that you can never wear anything with a pattern or multi-color. The clothes should say something about who you are without being a distraction. Generally, solid colors will make your portrait more “timeless”.

When we are trying to create a sense of unity, solid colors within the same color family are most appropriate for photographs with two or more people.  A family portrait will be very busy if everyone wears different colors.
When one person is in a solid with the other in a busy pattern, the patterned outfit will be a considerable distraction. With images of two or more, it helps to stay within the same color family! For example, you could match blue denim with navy.


Fitted Clothes & Accessories

Fitted clothes translate better in photography than baggy clothing.  Baggy clothing can make a person look larger.  I recommend dark colored clothing if you want a slimmer look.  Bring the appropriate colored belts so we can show your waist in a dress or loose-fitting top.

Bring a variety of accessories such as necklaces, scarves, jackets.  Layers add dimension and can be used to create just that right look.


Impress by Ironing

Impress others by ironing your clothing.  Put it on a hanger and transport carefully.  You are investing your money having professional portraits taken and you want to look the part.  Certain lighting environments can magnify wrinkles by creating shadowing.


Set Yourself Up for Success!

  • Cut & color hair 1-2 weeks ahead of your photo session.
  • Manicure your nails – you too guys. Avoid bright colored nail polish that will detract from you.
  • Avoid tanning for a week or two before your shoot so you look natural.
  • Wear makeup a little heavier than usual but don’t overdo it. Bring it along for touch ups.
  • Skip the sunscreen that day as it makes your skin look shiny.
  • For hair that can get frizzy in certain weather, apply appropriate products before your session.